Christmas id definitely on it’s way as Lime class added the finishing touched to their fabulous tree decorations.  If anyone forgot to buy theirs at the bazaar then we still have them safe and sound in the classroom – all yours for just £1.

Lime class have been enjoying the story of Jemmy Button, a boy from Tierra Del Fuego who met Charles Darwin!  They are currently writing his biography.

In science they have found out all about the functions of roots, leaves and flowers and are starting to understand how plants are pollinated.

They have learned about the Andes mountain range in Geography and have discovered which South American countries have the largest and smallest populations. In computing they have loved using ipads to research the rainforest.

PHSE has been all about celebrating differences and similarities and discussing what helps people to work together.  The children have been enjoying their multiplication and division in maths and have been using vocabulary such as multiple and commutative to describe their calculations.

They are still enjoying their PE activities and have yoga, gymnastics and games every week. Forest was a bit soggy but they all still managed to have fun in the rain!