Welcome back!

This week, in English, our pupils wrote a short chapter about an abandoned mansion. They described the mansion, inside and out, using their senses. They included long, descriptive sentences with expanded noun phrases and short sentences to build suspense. They ended their chapter with speech and a cliffhanger and definitely impressed with their vocabulary choices.



In Maths, they subtracted fractions and solved problems. Superstars!

In PE, they worked on team building skills.



In Science we have started our new topic all about teeth and the digestion system. We looked at our own teeth; counted them and looked at their different shapes and understood their functions. We then started an investigation to see if different drinks had an effect on the enamel on our teeth. We put milk, orange juice, white coffee, black coffee, lemonade and no added sugar lemonade on egg shells (which is a similar substance to enamel). We will find out in a few days to see which liquid had the most effect on the egg shells.