Egggciting times!

In Maple Class things were a little bit different this week. We send get well wishes to Mrs Sassis, who had a bad dose of Covid- luckily, she is feeling a lot better now and will be back smiling next week, I hope. However, this didn’t stop Maple Class from learning and they certainly impressed the lovely Mrs Neal who came to teach them. She was very impressed with their enthusiasm for learning and their maths skills. She said, they are a lovely class,  and of course we agree!

In their maths, they had fun finding common factors of numbers and listing in order from lowest to highest. R.E. they spent time having interesting conversations about responsibilities of belonging to a global community and came up with their own lists and ideas.


Science was very egggggciting and egggggxtremely fun- I couldn’t resist! There were eggs, juices, coffee, milk and containers  all to plan an experiment to investigate the effect of different liquids on our teeth. I can’t wait to find out what happens next week. What brilliant little scientists we have!

In English we jumped into character and imagined we were Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr or Ruby Bridges, and wrote very powerful autobiographies focusing on effective vocabulary and techniques. They used quotes and interesting facts to make them unique and personal. I think you will be very impressed with their knowledge and skills when you read them this Wednesday at Parents’ Evening- we certainly were!

Well done Maple Class, I hope you enjoy your well deserved weekend.

Ms Connolly