Beech Class have enjoyed finishing their D&T unit on food preparation this week! They tasted different fruits and decided which they would like best in their own fruit salads. They looked at different fruit salad recipes and watched a video on how to prepare fruit. Before they had a go at cutting their own fruit for their salads, they learnt about cutting safety and watched Mrs Samuels demonstrate ‘the claw’ and ‘the bridge’ cutting method. The children did a fantastic job applying these techniques when they prepared their own fruit and were very excited to take these new skills home to help with more food prep. The salads looked delicious and every single child had second helpings because they enjoyed them so much!

We also finished our unit in RE in which the children learnt the Christian Easter story. The children were able to confidently explain at least two different ways Christians may celebrate Easter and then compare this to what their own families do over the Easter period. We talked about how everyone has different celebrations and beliefs and therefore Easter may not be a holiday that is particularly significant for their families. After learning about the symbolism for eggs and Easter, the children used wax crayons to create patterns on egg shapes before painting them with water colours. The patterns shone through the paint and were extremely eye-catching! This is a lovely craft to do at home as well if you are looking for something fun to do over the break.


In Maths, we have been learning about capacity. We have enjoyed using different containers to compare measurements and solving real-life problems.

To celebrate National Poetry Day, the children performed their class poem, ‘Dog in the Playground’. The children spoke clearly and remembered all of the actions too.