29.9.2023 Letters from England to Germany are on their way!

What a busy week – as always!

This week, children wrote impressive setting descriptions using sensory language. They tried to use all their senses and included powerful emotive vocabulary. The Maple class children are working very hard on their writing skills as well as the presentation of their work.

Children are also working very hard in art. This week, they experimented with different colours, patterns and skills (background with water colours, painting, cutting, designing) to create a Christmas card. They then shared what they enjoyed, what they found challenging and how they can improve next time. Most importantly, they persevered and I am sure that you will love the outcome when you receive it! I love them!

Maple class pupils also persevered in the hockey lessons. What I loved is when they shared in class not only their enjoyment, but the skills they have been working on and how much they have improved.

In our music lesson, we have been learning about timbre, which is the unique character of different sounds. Our inspiration came from the art of Mark Rothko. To bring this artistic vibe into our music, we used primary colours like red, yellow, and blue. Just as you mix colours on a canvas to create new ones, we thought about mixing musical “colours” by connecting them to percussion instruments. For example, we associated red with a triangle, yellow with drums, and blue with shakers.  When we combined these “colours” or instruments, we created “secondary colours” in music. For example, we combined red (triangle), with yellow (drums) in order to get a different sound, or timbre. We have started using special pictures and symbols called graphic notation in order to record our music.


Last but not least, children received their first letter by their penpals in Germany! How exciting! Their letters are already on their way to the partner school in Germany!

Thank you all for coming to the Learning Together Morning! Enjoy your weekend! See you next week!