Day 3… we always take the weather!

Day 3…

Children woke up to a cloudy Kingswood but that has definitely not affected their mood, their energy or their chattiness! It might though have affected their appetite- they woke up very hungry; it might be the only time that they are a bit quiet: when they eat (or sleep)! Their day started with a generous breakfast and I think they are taking quite a fancy to this new habit.

The chat this morning was about the day of exciting activities ahead: fencing, aeroball, bouldering, laser, bushcraft and fire lighting. In case you didn’t realise, bouldering is when a ‘shark’ is cruising underneath so they have to climb to safety. From the squeals, it’s safe to say that this is terrifically thrilling fun and quite challenging! We hadn’t realised that ‘Laser’  consisted of lots of racing behind tyres, popping out from behind brick walls and lots of yelling and blasting of lazers (I don’t know why I wasn’t given headphones!)

Sweaty and red faces we ran to our next activity, which was ‘Jacobs Ladder’, now this is no ordinary ladder. The children must navigate their way up a giant high ropes ladder of horizontally suspended logs, where the challenge comes with the ever-increasing gaps between the rungs. Luckily, our dear instructor taught us some techniques to effectively communicate with each other, like; roman hand-shake and the proposal- this caused loads of giggles! Laughter aside, there was some amazing determination and team work during this, even the instructors were impressed and said that these kids really know how to help each other-isn’t that lovely!

Sounds like they are having a fab time… more photos and tales to tell later


They finished the day with a quiz. Team Teach won (Well done Ms P,  Mr L. and Mrs L. ) !!! Okay they got joint first  but at least they didn’t lose.