2b or not 2b? It’s an algebra question!

We have been learning to substitute numbers with letters and form algebraic equations this week. We played with function machines and formed rules with one and two steps. We then looked at how algebraic equations could be simplified.  So much fabulous learning partner talk which helped us to understand this new topic. Wow! What a lot of great mathematical thinking this week!

The features of different ecosystems were at the heart of our Science learning this week. We explored different ecosystems and learnt new terminology to use in our next lessons. We finished with a quiz to check our new learning had ‘stuck’!

In History, we continued our debate about Captain Scott’s tragic expedition to Antarctica – failure due to bad planning or bad luck? We considered the evidence carefully before forming our conclusions.

We love a game in Year 6 and a ’60 second word association’ game in English was just the thing to help us collect the vocabulary we would need to plan a diary entry for Oates (one of Captain Scott’s fellow explorers). We used extracts and details from Scott’s diaries to make our diary writing as authentic as possible.

After a stormy start to a week full of icy blasts, we enjoyed a spot of drier weather. In PE we sharpened our coordination skills, dribbled and passed with increasing skill and accuracy, and worked together as a great team!

Have a great weekend!