This week, in English, we have written letters of complaint about a defective item we purchased and we impressed with our formal tone and reasoning.


In Maths, we are learning to multiply numbers using the grid method, the long and short multiplication: we are becoming experts in multiplication! The KS2 Battle definitely helps us to become quicker and more effective in our written methods of multiplication.

In Art, we finalised our beautiful dreamcatchers and evaluated our products!

During our yoga lesson, we practise our ‘cobra, queenie and boat’ body postures.

In PE – Gymnastics, we enjoyed practising a variety of rolls!

In our music lesson, we listened to Hoe-down by Aaron Copland and composed our own 4 note patterns. We practised our ‘call and response’ and were able to copy back 4 note patterns. We could even play it over the top of the piece of music – we sounded fantastic!




In science, we looked at forces and learnt about Sir Isaac Newton. We conducted an investigation where we  weighed a variety of objects to compare their mass (the amount of matter in an object) and weight (measuring the gravitational pull on an object).


A rather cold and wet forest session – a perfect opportunity to practise making shelters!


Finally, we are happy because our lovely Christmas cards are on their way to our partner schools in Greece, Italy, Croatia, Poland and Spain! We now have to get ready for our online sessions with our partner schools, which will take place in 2 weeks!