This week Lime class have celebrated differences in their PHSE, thinking about how different people come together as communities and share  their friendship.  We looked at a photo of a group of friends and discussed how they might be different and what they might have in common.

In English we have done lots of collaborative reading, sharing strategies for decoding and understanding the texts.  We practised our speaking and listening skills by reading about and then talking about a predatory bird, thinking hard about how we keep our listeners engaged through the use of our voices, our faces and our bodies.  We learned that this was called ‘being animated’!

Our gymnastics lesson this week involved lots of team work as we created amazing shapes and balances.

RE continued to follow the theme of religious festivals and the similarities and differences in the ways in which  they are celebrated.  So far we have learnt about some Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Jewish festivals. This week it was the turn of Christianity and we learnt about the significance of the Christingle orange.

It was a cold day in the forest but, as usual, we loved it and threw ourselves into it with great enthusiasm despite the chill.

Maths this week has been all about length and perimeter and we have all been really engaged in measuring, adding lengths and we loved solving problems.

There is so much more that we have done  (make sure you ask us what we know about alligators and crocodiles!) – but to finish this blog take a look at us playing tag rugby! Our coach was very impressed with us.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!