Our week started with a ‘Stone Age’ experience. We learnt what life was like before farming and metalworking and investigated the lifestyle of early humans. We looked at materials like flint, bone and antler to make tools and we handled artefacts of the time ,such as animal skins and weapons for hunting and warfare. We enjoyed dressing up as a person living in Stone Age, playing games in teams and throwing rubber spears to kill woolly mammoths.


In Maths, we calculated fractions of a quantity / amount. In RE, we understood why a shrine is a special place in a Hindu home and why puja is important for Hindus.  In PSHE, we discussed the key risks of smoking and vaping and some effects of drinking alcohol on the body.

In Science, we enjoyed the ‘Sinking Plasticine Experiment’ and as a result we identified the effects of water resistance. We realised that a spherical shape drops the fastest; a round flat disc shape will drop in much slower than a ball or a sphere.