This week, in English, we imagined that we were living in Pompeii and we wrote diaries about the tragedy of Vesuvius. We made adventurous vocabulary choices to write descriptive paragraphs and our diaries were full of feeling words.

In Maths, we worked on decimals and we understood tenths, hundredths and thousandths. Also, our exciting news this week in maths is… Year 5 pupils (two teams) attended the HFL Education annual Year 5 Mathematics Challenge and they impressed with their team work and mathematical skills. Throughout the challenge they were smiling, working hard and easting biscuits; they definitely enjoyed the challenge! The HFL Education Year 5 Maths Challenge competition gives Year 5 pupils the opportunity to test their mathematics and teamwork skills to solve questions and problems working in their teams of four in a friendly competition. Yesterday we found out that both of our teams have made it to the final- well done Year 5, keep going- we are super proud!

In Science, we explored how the rotation of Earth creates day and night. We have been developing our skills of observation and investigation.

In PE on Tuesday, we kept on practising different volleyball techniques.