In Beech class, we have enjoyed art week. We have been exploring the world of self-portraits, creating stunning works of art. The children meticulously studied facial proportions and delved into the intricate details of capturing skin tones using vibrant oil pastels. We  learnt about abstract art, and the captivating styles of Kandinsky and Mondrian. The children examined the artists’ use of lines and shapes, as well as the concept of primary and secondary colours. Furthermore, our discussions centered around the power of art to evoke a range of emotions.  We also held an art gallery experience for visitors to see our amazing self-portraits and to enjoy all of our work in our art books. Thank you to all of the parents, grandparents, relatives and friends who shared our love of art with us.

In maths, our Year 1 children have been furthering their understanding of numbers up to 100, skillfully using their knowledge of tens and ones. They have been exploring the concept of comparing values through engaging activities involving number rods and money. Meanwhile, our Year 2 students have been focusing on geometry, specifically delving into the intricacies of position on shapes and sequences. To combine this with art week, they also explored Islamic art, drawing inspiration from its intricate patterns and creating their own stunning pieces.


Our musical talents have been soaring as we embarked on an exciting journey of composing and performing. We have been rehearsing our own compositions to complement the delightful song ‘Minibeasts’. Using the tones of Boomwhackers, we played tunes in chords C and D, adding a harmonious touch to the performance. Other children showcased their rhythmic skills by providing a captivating accompaniment on untuned percussion instruments. With a keen sense of timing, our budding musicians ensured they maintained a steady rhythm of 4 beats in a bar.


During our forest session, the highlight was undoubtedly the presence of the fire pit. The children were brimming with excitement as they delved into the fascinating world of fire. They eagerly absorbed knowledge about the three essential elements that fuel a fire, while also mastering the “respect pose” when approaching the fire pit. To add to the delight, they even had the opportunity to pop popcorn over the fire and relish the delicious treat, savouring both the taste and the memorable experience.