On Monday we walked to our local church, St Cecilia’s to speak to the Vicar to find out more about what is inside a church.  To help our RE lessons, we listened to the Vicar explain how Christians welcome new people into the church, through a special ceremony called a Christening.


This week in English, Beech class we have been exploring more descriptive language to describe the events from the Great Fire of London. We have used onomatopoeia to describe the barrels exploding Bash! We have looked at a range of synonyms for ‘eat’ and ‘run’ and used those with personification to describe the flames spreading across London. We have also used sentences to describe how people were feeling through their actions. They were fleeing their homes, arms piled high with their belongings.

In Maths, Year 1’s have been learning about doubling numbers up to 20 and Year 2’s have been learning about multiplication and division.

In Music, some of the children recorded performances of songs that they had been practising at home. We had songs in French, Spanish and Swahili!

When the children are using our outdoor area during their independent learning time, it is always wonderful to see them recreating the things they have learned in class. We had; the Great Fire of London made out of Lego and multilink, we had a graphic score of Finlandia from our music lesson, we had lots of arrays drawn from our maths lesson, we had children creating foods from other countries in our mud kitchen and we had an orchestra!