This week, in English, we have read an article about NASA naming a building after Mary Jackson and we have written persuasive letters to NASA representatives, congratulating them and kindly requesting for a building to be named after Katherine Johnson.

We have also learnt about the tree of life and created our own collages to represent the tree of life, using recyclable items (magazines and scrap paper) and combining colours and patterns.








In Maths, we have been learning about converting decimals to fractions.  We have also been converting between metric units of measurement.

In Computing, we have been researching about the history of television and telephones and we have been creating our informative leaflets.

As always, we have been busy and creative!

In Music we listened to the Doctor Who theme tune and learnt about Delia Derbyshire, who used electronic sounds and manipulated theme to make such a well-known piece of music.  We listened to the base line and melody line and recreated the sounds using paint.



We also enjoyed our Drama lesson.