We have had an amazing start to the new half term with a growth mindset workshop for the year 4 children which involved BMX bikes. Checkout the whole school blog for more details!

We welcomed our chair of governers into our history lesson this week and he commented on how knowledgeable, engaged and enthusiastic the children were.  Well done Lime class, what a bunch of superstars!

We also met our new sports coach for an excellent gymnastics lesson which involved great fun warm up games and all sorts of balancing.

Maths has had us adding and subtracting in different ways and thinking about the most efficient methods for our calculations. Remember – efficiency in calculating means high levels of accuracy combined with the  shortest amount of  time and least effort.

In English we have been learning about playscripts and direct speech and our PHSE was all about learning to work together to resolve disputes.

Forest was chilly and damp but it failed to dampen our spirits.

For art we used sketching pencils to create some amazing portraits of each other – we are such a talented bunch!

Our Geography lesson this week kicked off a new topic, as we considered the question ‘South America – rich or poor?’  We learnt the names of all of the countries found in South America and looked at its size and location in comparison to Europe.   We will revisit this question when we conclude the topic at the end of term to see if our opinions have changed.