Maple Class Space Topic Wrap-Up

Last term, Maple Class concluded our exciting Space topic with a special visit from Matt, an astronomy expert from Cambridge University. The children were thrilled to ask their questions and deepen their understanding of our sun and solar system.

During the session, they explored a variety of fascinating topics, including the conditions necessary for sustaining life on other planets and the different gravitational forces across our solar system. One of the highlights was watching a captivating video produced by scientists, which illustrated the cataclysmic collision between Earth and the planet Theia. This event led to the formation of Earth as we know it today and the birth of our moon.

They also examined computer-generated images depicting Mars in its ancient state billions of years ago, when water once flowed on its surface. They learned that the disappearance of this surface water might have been caused by it sinking into the planet, subsequently freezing and contributing to the ice deposits discovered beneath the surface.

A truly memorable moment for the children was handling a genuine space rock, estimated to be around 5 billion years old. The rock’s weight, distinct smell, and magnetic properties left everyone in awe.