In English we watched the short film ‘Adventures are the Pits’. We learnt about about how to use exclamation marks in sentences and how to use different joining words such as ‘and’, ‘but’ and ‘or’.  We also learnt about verbs and how to change certain verbs from the present tense to the past tense, by adding the suffix -ed.  e.g ‘look’ to ‘looked’.  We then put all of this fantastic learning together to produce a story map of the film


In our early morning work, we looked at word wheels and practised our spellings to make them look like word fireworks!

In Maths, children have been practising their subtraction. This week they used play doh and raisins!


Year 2s have been adding two and three digit numbers. They can show when ‘ones’ or ‘tens’ need to be regrouped and exchanged by using our maths mats.

In computing, we have been scanning QR Codes to match up pictures to words.

In our forest session, the children used a range of leaves and twigs to make pictures of fireworks.

In their independent learning, the children enjoyed making pumpkin potions! They explored capacity and different vocabulary whilst mixing up some scrummy drinks to serve to friends.

In PSHE we started our new topic of ‘Valuing Difference’ and spent time this week talking about similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends. We began learning vocabulary that shows respect for other people and helps us to appreciate how we are all unique.