Like a Puppet on a String!

Willow Class had a wonderful project on puppetry  that was enhanced further today when they were joined by the Little Angel Theatre.

They began by watching a short film starring Scoop, who likes to reinvent things and give them new life, and Bertie, a puppet made of recycled objects. They followed Bertie’s adventure as he tried to reach the recycling centre and live out his dreams of being recycled as a kite. They  learnt about the science of plastic bottles and examined the different materials used to make puppets.

Then they built their own Bertie-inspired puppet. They had to consider how the puppet would move and would be able to show different emotions. They learnt how to make articulated limbs and add movement to our puppets.

Once the structure of our puppet was finished, we then used recycled materials to decorate. At the end of the session, They learnt how to perform with our puppets, helping to bring them to life.

So many new skills and so much fun! A big thank you to Little Angel Theatre for working with Willow  today! They had a fantastic morning.