This week, we have written another persuasive text  – letters of complaint.


In Maths, we have worked on converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.

In Computing this week, we have been learning about our online identity and we have been thinking of how to protect ourselves in the online communities. We have also looked at misinformation and dis-information and fake news versus real news.

We have all read nice and not so nice things online. We must remember that the things we see and hear online can hurt our feelings, confuse us, or make us unhappy. We must remember that our comments can hurt other people’s feelings, confuse them, or make them unhappy. Children produced posters to remind everybody to be kind and respectful and stay safe online!














In our Zoom PSHE lesson, we read the book ‘How Full is Your Bucket?’ and discussed how we could keep ourselves emotionally and physically topped up, as well as finding ways to fill other people’s buckets too.


For our Golden Afternoon art lesson, we expressed ourselves by recreating famous artworks.


Have a lovely weekend all and don’t forget to read every day! We all enjoy reading your book reviews and listening to you read to us!