This week, in English, we read the Greek myth: the Theseus and the Minotaur. We wrote diaries in role of Theseus and talked about the plan we had to kill the menacing Minotaur.  We also wrote setting descriptions and our own ending to the well-known myth. Our writing was full of expanded noun phrases, powerful verbs and various adverbials. This is what we call success!



Did we say success? In RE, we explored Hindu teachings on success. We read two inspiring stories and discussed the beautiful messages that these stories conveyed. Inspired by them, we wrote acrostic or rhyming poems on success, determination  and perseverance.


In Science, we discussed that some changes form new materials, and that these changes are not usually reversible. We shared examples of reversible and irreversible changes. We then investigated an irreversible change and had fun making  fizzy lemonade. We observed the effects of the lemon juice and baking soda reaction. We weren’t impressed with the smell but it was exciting – and yes it was a successful investigation!