5.7.2024 Take one picture!

In preparation for our Art and DT week, which will take place next week,  we looked at the painting of Pieter de Hooch, ‘The Courtyard of a House in Delft’. This is the 2025 focus painting of the programme ‘Take one picture’ of the National Gallery, a national programme for primary schools, which aims to inspire a lifelong love of art and learning. In English, inspired by the painting, we wrote detailed setting descriptions, making powerful vocabulary choices and using sensory language.

We also worked with our learning partners, researched interesting facts about the artist and produced his biography.

In PSHE, the children had a session on how to be safe in the kitchen and how to make healthy sandwiches. They learnt about calories in different ingredients of sandwiches and designed a healthy sandwich in their groups.  Following this lesson, they played various games to improve their techniques that are essential for a tag rugby session.

In the dance lessons, children improved and developed their flexibility, strength, techniques, control and balance though a variety of activities and games. They worked with partners and in small groups and created own dance routines. They performed dances using a range of movement patterns. They finally had the opportunity to evaluate themselves and compare their performances with previous ones.

In Maths, children converted imperial units and learnt about money from around the world. Pupils understood that money has a different value in different countries and performed simple calculations based on exchange rates as it is important to understand other currencies, particularly when visiting another country.