This week in English, we watched a short film called ‘The Girl with the Yellow Bag’ This beautiful story was about a girl who found objects dropped on the floor, such as broken glass and an old plastic bottle. When she put the items her yellow bag, they magically came out as something extraordinary, such as sparkling stars and a shimmering ocean. The children have loved: exploring adjectives; understanding the range of the girl’s emotions throughout the story; and joining ideas together in sentences in various ways.



In Maths, Year 1s have been learning about positional language such as: next to; on top of; behind etc.  They have learnt to describe how an object can turn to the right/left and describe the turn using quarter turns and half turns.  Year 2s have started to learn about data handling. Firstly they looked at gathering data using tallys and then looked at Carroll diagrams and information tables.

In Music, we have started a new topic called ‘Minibeasts’. We have started to learn a song and have been singing about creepy crawly caterpillars, spinning scuttling spiders, wiggly worms and centipedes twisting!


In Computing, we started our presentation topic using Microsoft Powerpoint. This week’s lesson was learning how to log on to the laptops by entering a username and password, we then opened a blank Powerpoint document and saved it in our class folder.


We had a fun forest session on a beautiful warm day. We were very grateful for some shade!