In English we have been reading our class book, ‘The Bee Who Spoke’ and we took a closer look at the setting of the story. Belle needed to get home, so we drew her a story map and then wrote a set of instructions. We then drew our own story maps for a setting of our choice., and wrote our own instructions. We focused on using  clear, step-by-step sentences, adverbs like ‘carefully’ and ‘slowly’ and we used the conjunctions; ‘and’, ‘because’, and ‘if’.



In maths, the Year 2’s have been learning about length and height. They have been looking at how to measure in cm and m, and also how to compare lengths and heights. Our Year 1’s have been learning about partitioning numbers up to 50, and demonstrating this using Base 10 and Part-Whole models.


We have loved having more cuddles with our guinea pigs, Cookie and Snowy (appropriate name for this week!), and have enjoyed learning more about their little personalities. We have learnt that they love spinach for breakfast, and that Snowy likes to eat Cookie’s pear!