Our topic is very exciting!

This week, in History, we learnt about Howard Carter and his amazing archaeological discovery: the tomb of King Tutankhamun. In English, we wrote a diary entry, as if we were Howard Carter. We used our senses to describe what we saw, heard, smelt, touched and how we felt.


In Geography, we started creating maps of Ancient Egypt.

In PE, we developed the volley and we understood when to use it.

In Maths, we found the fractions and percentages of numbers.

In Music, we listened to the song ‘Dancing in the Street’ by Martha and the Vandellas. We explored and recorded rhythms that we could clap along with the song.


In Science, we went into the forest to identify and classify invertebrates. We were very excited to find so many centipedes, millipedes, woodlice, beetles and even a nest.



Year 5’s continue to enjoy their ‘mini police’ sessions.



In our forest session, the children wanted to carry on exploring the wildlife, as well as give each other climbing techniques!