This week, we celebrated Art in our school. In order to create our own versions of Greek pots,  we firstly increased our knowledge on life in Ancient Greece: we learnt about the Olympic games, the children’s education and the Greek theatrical plays. We then researched facts and wrote detailed, well-structured  non-chronological reports.

The next step was to explore historical vase designs, looking at vases and pots from different countries and eras. We discussed about their design and what each was made from, whether they were decorative or functional. We sketched some, then found out about different vase designers and planned our own pot, listing what we needed.

While making our own clay pot- a messy but also creative process, we developed control of various tools and techniques. Making our own pot wasn’t easy but it was definitely exciting. Needless to say that I loved watching them persevere and experiment with different techniques and tools.

We finally painted our pots, trying to add ancient Greek patterns and evaluated our final product.

Thank you for coming to our art exhibition! We are so proud of what we have achieved this year and we were looking forward to showing all to you!