October is Black History month.  We have started to look at famous people and their impact on our lives today.  In our lesson this week, we learnt about the musician Nina Simone. The children heard about a recital that she performed in when she was 12 years old.  Sadly, her parents were not allowed to sit near the front to hear her play.  Nina knew this was wrong and told her teachers that they should be allowed to sit where they would like, just like the other parents.  We loved listening to her music.




In our Maths lessons, we have been learning about how to represent number bonds up to 10 and showing these using tens frames, part-whole models and bar models.




On Thursday 7th October, it was National Poetry Day. We read and performed the poem  ‘Out in the Playground’ by Joshua Seigal. The children used fantastic actions to describe ‘’dash away like lightning’, the ‘smiling sun’ and children leaping and playing!





We also enjoyed a fantastic drama lesson!



We also had a new member of Beech class join us for the morning! We found a bumblebee keeping warm in our classroom. We gave it a sugary drink to boost its energy and then it happily flew away.  We filmed it having a drink and loved watching its tongue dipping in and out.