This week, in English, we wrote wonderful balanced arguments, which were titled: Should phones be allowed in primary schools? Needless to mention that we had many reasons to list for and against the argument. We used modal verbs in our sentences, persuasive phrases and a variety of fronted adverbials to link our sentences.




In Maths, we solved riddles and revised the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes.


In RE and in our reading sessions, we learnt about climate change and discussed how humans can protect the environment. We then created posters with inspiring slogans and images.

In Art, we followed instructions and enjoyed drawing the Earth in the shape of a heart!

In Science, we had to plan our own investigation to see if we could find out which material would be best for the lining of a new design of lunchbox. We chose our independent and controlled variables, as well as ensuring what was going to be our dependent variable.  The task was to have ice cubes in each cup, wrap a different material around it and check on the ice every 5 minutes.





In our Music lessons, we have started our own compositions to fit alongside the song ‘Dancing in the Streets’.