8th March

Lime Class have already been busy this half term learning about deserts and desert plants. We have had fun following clues to name the world’s most famous deserts, which meant we had to work collaboratively.

We have learnt all about photosynthesis and know lots about the functions of the different parts of a flowering plant.

In Maths we are tackling fractions, ordering, counting, adding and drawing them. The year fours have been converting mixed numbers into improper fractions and vice versa.

We have written traditional stories in English, taking care to write in paragraphs and using direct speech punctuation correctly.

Even though it has been wet, we have stayed active and enjoyed a bit of indoor benchball!

In celebration of world book day we dressed as a word and there was so much variety and originality. We were also lucky enough to have one of our school governers pop in to read from her favourite book.

Rehearsals for our play have begun and we are loving it – we can’t wait to show you all!