We have had a great start to our Great Fire of London topic. We have been doing lots of research and we have looked at the order of events and why they happened. In a drama session, we acted out the different parts and then we described the events in our writing.


In our maths lessons, year 1 children have been learning about numbers up to 20 and have been representing these numbers using Numicon, Base 10, bead strings and in writing.  Year 2 children have been learning about money. They have been using  notes and coins to make and compare amounts. During our independent learning time, they also labelled our play equipment to sell to each other!

In our music lesson, we listened to a piece of music called Finlandia by the composer Jean Sibelius. We enjoyed watching an orchestra play this piece of music. We loved trying to name all of the instruments and compare their sounds.  We learnt that the piece of music could be divided into three sections, and in each section it made us feel different emotions. At the beginning, the music made us feel a bit scared and nervous. In the middle section, it made us feel brave and at the end we felt triumphant! We represented these sounds using colour, words, pictures and patterns.