This week, in English, we wrote newspaper articles about a Christmas crisis, based on an advert! Or shall we say a chocolate crisis? We used many text features, wrote powerful openings including the 5Ws (where, when, what, who, why) and included direct speech to report the witnesses’ experiences and feelings.

In Maths, we calculated the perimeter of polygons and quadrilaterals and we calculated the area of compound shapes. And yes, we can do both!

In PE, on Tuesday, our objective was to perform progressions of movements!

In PE, on Thursday, we practised the skills of hockey and played matches.

In Computing, this term, the children have been working on solving challenges in teams. This week, the teams had to build a catapult and see which team could fire a pom-pom the furthest! Cooperation and effective communication were essentials skills that needed to be used in our group work to accomplish our goal!

In Science, we learnt about the work of naturalists and produced biographies of Jane Goodall. We also learnt about the work of famous people, such as Mary Seacole.

Have a lovely weekend all!