Welcome back!

Our classroom filled again with your smiles. Our new class book is called ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell-Boyce.  It’s an incredible story about an ordinary 12-year-old boy, a very tall boy,  who sort of by accident ended in space! The book already inspired us to use short sentences to build tension and to use figurative language in our descriptions.

In RE, we started learning about Sikhism. Children worked with their partners and found out who Sikhs are and what they believe in. They researched interesting facts but most importantly, children could discuss and identify similarities between the religions they were taught this year. It is lovely listening to their wonderful ideas and contributions in our class discussions.

It is also a pleasure seeing them exercise enthusiastically, learn skills and persevere! In PE, on Tuesday, the children understood some of the basic rules in tennis and practised the forehand and backhand techniques. I am sure they are looking forward to further practise the skills of catching, hitting and controlling the ball, so they can play mini games.

We also practised the songs of our class play – we have been so busy but also so productive!  We are so looking forward to singing to you and performing on Tuesday 20th June.


Have a lovely weekend!