A full week for Early Years!

It has been a rather cold week for the children this week, but that certainly hasn’t stopped them enjoying outdoor play! From making ‘frost angels’ to breaking ice, mark making in the frost to observing steam rising from the cold tyres in the sun, there has been a lot to explore!

The children have really enjoyed immersing themselves in their new topic, Traditional Tales, this week. We have been focusing on Jack and the Beanstalk, which prompted some children to go searching for magic beans in the forest, and even create soft nests for the precious golden goose eggs!

We have also been learning about our bodies and how to keep them safe and healthy. We decided that wearing sun cream in the summer was an important way to keep our skin safe, and brushing our teeth regularly helps us to keep our teeth healthy. The children loved drawing around each other and labelling different body parts, drawing on different things that help to look after our bodies, like plasters, shoes and even hair ties!

The children have really taken to their new phonics lessons too. This week Ash children learnt the sounds j, v, w and x, and Saplings children were introduced to s, a, t and p. They have really impressed their teachers by using their sounds to label their seasonal pictures!