A guinea pig sort of week

Huge CONGRATULATIONS must go to the Mahony family this week who welcomed baby Patrick into their world – Timmy is delighted and we hope he is as gentle with him as he has been with the guinea pigs this week!

If you had come into the Early Years this week you would have seen mark making going on at every opportunity…

It has been our turn to look after the guinea pigs, Cookie and Snowy,  and what a lot of fun tat turned out to be!

We have been finding about about Numicon and tried the Umbrella Game and curling up in bird in Yoga

We found pixie dust in the forest as well as a whole host of other treasures including sweet chestnuts, toadstools, a magic wand, boggle snot and pussy willow.  We are definitely getting more adventurous in our outdoor environment everyday.

A mystery to end the week were the pumpkins that kept appearing – first one, then another and then a third …

We are not sure where they are coming from and are waiting to see what happens over the weekend!

We hope you all have a restful few days.