A jam-packed week!

What a hot few days it has been! Even so, Early Years have had a very busy (and incredibly exciting!) week this week! We kicked things off with a successful school trip to Hatfield Forest, where we went on a nature walk, explored pond life, climbed trees, hunted for minibeasts and even had time for a picnic and an ice lolly!

The children also took part in the whole school sport’s day and did a great job at the activities they have been working hard on this half term. Their favourite activities were the football and the basketball! After the excitement of the morning the children really enjoyed resting on the carpet listening to calm music and chatting with their friends about the morning’s antics.

We were also treated to a fantastic performance of “The Sword in the Stone” in the hall. Upon their return to the classroom, the children were speaking about the show with great animation, and re-enacting the performance in their choosing time!

This week we also have been thinking about World Ocean’s Day. We shared a story to start thinking about the problems that plastic causes for our oceans and decided to use Tales Toolkit to help come up with a solution as a team! The first Tales Toolkit we put together made us a little unsure…

One day, a person called Zachary (though certainly not our Zachary!) had a bit of a problem, which was that he had some plastic that he needed to get rid of. So, as a solution, he littered his plastic waste on a beach and carried on with his day… However, the children then told the story from the fish’s point of view. The fish was called Charlotte (though not our Charlotte!), who was minding her own business, splashing around, when she noticed a lot of plastic waste appear in her home. The solution for the person was actually a big problem for the fish and her home, the ocean. This would not do. The children decided that something has got to be done.

We learnt about ways to deal with plastic waste responsibly; reducing, reusing and recycling. During choosing time, many of the children chose to paint posters to raise awareness of this issue, whilst others made up their own stories with their own solutions, through writing, role play and small world play.

Mrs Lawrence was very proud of the children for their engagement with this important message; what a hopeful future we all have with these inspiring minds and big hearts paving our way!