A little bit of magic …


This week we welcomed Patrick to our group of Saplings. He has settled in very quickly and has a smile for everyone. Here are two of our other recent, wonderful additions to Ash Class, happily enjoying their dinner!

We got off to a magical start in the forest this week when we found ‘Magic Man’. The session was a perfect Forest time with calm, busy, interested children using the forest for play –  imaginative and physical –  discovery and calm.

This week’s focus has been ‘looking after one another and our things’. We are in the process of increasing our use of more natural and authentic, loose parts in both our indoor and outdoor environments.  Using ‘real’ resources  within the Early Years is encouraging the children to be careful with and respect the things that they are using rather than having an expectation that things can be very easily replaced. We are steadily building our collection of old and interesting things: tea sets, telephones, cameras, binoculars, weighing scales to name a few. If any of you find yourself with any kind of old unwanted ‘items’ please think of us before you take them to a charity shop.

We have all been working hard in the outdoor environment, re-organising and moving things and planting strawberries, squashes and sunflowers (a little bit of alliteration there which the children have also been dabbling with this week). The rain is welcome but we have enjoyed the sun  too!

We have ‘looked in closely’ at an ‘orange tip’ butterfly and then a bee. This is a wonderful skill that helps greatly in the children’s learning to read and write – they also really enjoy looking through magnifying glasses!

The children have been wearing a variety of interesting T shirts and this has prompted a great interest in our World and our need to look after it. We will de following this theme up in our learning over the next two weeks. If any of you have any interesting resources linked to the climate change, recycling, endangered species etc they would be most welcome in school to support our learning.