A peely good time!


It was 3D Film day yesterday, so to celebrate, Lime put on their own films. One was about an alien abduction (which also had a lot of Irish Dancing in it) and another was about some Tacos that didn’t want to be eaten! There is a lot of Oscar buzz about both of them. Now they’d completed their Stone Age show, they’d graduated into the Iron Age. Two groups hunted for iron (stones) and dug and dug until they had big piles. There was also a very cool tightrope made but they couldn’t quite figure out how to make it not dip!



The sun was out for Willow and the greatest news of all time was celebrated like the winning goal at the world cup. NO WATERPROOFS! They popped their wellies on and headed to the stumps to practice their poem. Then they went off for some adventures! The knives were out again and a big group were sitting peacefully sharpening sticks. A great rope swing was built but it was soon abandoned as they were worried that the branch wasn’t strong enough to hold them. There were also some live tiktok videos!



It had been a very exciting week for the youngest members of the school because they’d got the peelers out in the forest on Tuesday! They were excited to have another go and sat very carefully peeling bark (even if it did take a while to get the gloves on!), some sat concentrating for most of the session and really enjoyed seeing the shavings on the floor. Elsewhere, there was a game of 1, 2, 3, Where are you? and a really fun imagination based game of Paw Patrol too. The digging zone was full of activity as well.



Beech wanted in on the peeling action too and almost half of them had a go. They enjoyed trying the different types of peelers and seeing which sticks peeled easier than others. They also noticed that different sticks had different colours inside them. Elsewhere a very high spirited game of Harry Potter was taking place with wands being flourished and spells being hollered! They also hid and found the orange balls for each other again and climbed the trees.



The big news of the day was that someone had bought a metal detector in from home and everyone was following the sound of beeping! The 1st discovery was a drawing pin that had made its way under a tree, the 2nd discovery was one of the shovels in the digging zone (they’d left it too close!!) and the final discovery was a chain, which was very exciting for everyone! The knives were also out and a group sat calmly whittling away for a chunk of the session. Two shelters also sprung up which were great places to hang out.