A poorly week

This week has been a hard one for so many of the children, and staff, at school. We now hope that everyone is totally over their illness and we are looking forward to a much more energetic week next week!

Even though so many of the children have been absent from school you can see that they they have been very busy with their learning when they have been in.

Remembrance Day has played a large role this week with a focus on the word ‘remember’. The children amazed us with how much understanding they had about why we have ‘poppy day’. On Thursday at 11am we all stood still in the garden with the poppies that we had made, for one minute while we listened to The Last Post.

Vehicles of all descriptions remains a great interest for this group of children.  We had a focus on cars when the children decided to turn our wooden cube into a car! We went out into the carpark to look carefully at the cars and noticed the yellow and white registration plates with a great deal of excitement.

On our return to the garden the children set about making their car, working together and with so much to say to one another.

Wishing you all a restful and happy weekend!