A pota-totally fun week!

This week in maths, we have been working to match different representations of numbers by playing pairs! We also explored one less as we had to help Kipper keep an eye on his toy box, making sure that the cheeky little mouse didn’t take away any of his toys! In phonics, Ash class have been working very hard learning some tricky new special friends, including ai, ee, igh and oa. Saplings have been introduced to x, y and z.

We have been immersing ourselves into our new key text We’re going on a Bear Hunt. We have been exploring snowstorms and also learning lots of vocabulary to help describe the children’s socks after walking through the deep, cold river! Our favourite words were dampsoggydrenched and soaking!

The children are very proud of their display and have been using it to retell the story in the classroom. Can you spot where the children’s mini me figures are on their paths?

The children have really enjoyed listening to our wonderful visitors read their favourite stories in celebration of World Book Day! Thank you to Mrs Lloyd-Williams and Mrs Courtman-Stock for coming to read to us (and thank you to the friendly ducks who joined in the fun at story time!). The children also enjoyed hearing Michael Rosen read and perform his story, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

The children impressed us with their artistic contributions to the school’s potato gallery! We saw everything from Mr Bump to Peter Rabbit, Spiderman to the Wonky Donkey! Well done to all the children for their hard work, and congratulations to Blanche for her Elsa-tato and Freddie for his Gruffalo-tato!

After seeing the Potato Art Gallery, many of the children were inspired to create more book characters!