A Royally Good Week!

Eager to check on our bean teepee first thing Monday morning, the children ran outside, only to discover that they had all been nibbled! Wondering who might be the culprits, the children decided that it was likely the work of the cheeky rabbits at the bottom of our garden! The children coned off the ‘crime scene’ and made posters saying “keep off rabbits!”  whilst we kept our eyes peeled for them hopping around the garden. The children decided that it might be a good idea to cover the teepee with netting next time; what a brilliant idea! The setback hasn’t deterred the children (or Mrs Davies!) in the slightest and they have been busy planning lots of other things to grow… with extra netting!

The children were tasked with a VERY important job on Tuesday. Some of the Queen’s jewels had gone missing and it was down to us to recover the jewellery from our forest. As tempting as it was to wear them as part of our uniform (!), we decided that we had better send them in the post to the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The children couldn’t resist including their own messages within this important parcel too!

We have also been using DT week to prepare for the Jubilee celebrations for the end of the week! The children have been working specifically on the skills of cutting and joining whilst making their own royal crowns. Cheeky Monkey added an extra layer of challenge to this activity by encouraging the children to count out specific amounts of buttons and jewels for their decorations. We think the resulting crowns look absolutely fantastic!

The children enjoyed so many other activities this week (it really has been rather busy!) including building our new play dough station, den making, dam building and most importantly, cleaning up in readiness for the Jubilee celebrations! No wonder the children wanted to do a bit of relaxing by the end of the week too!

To finish off our week, and a really busy half term, our school Jubilee picnic was so much fun! We helped to decorate by making bunting specially for the event, we dressed in our finest outfits and of course sported our fantastic crowns. We had also enjoyed a picnic as a class in the outside area as a special treat for filling our jewel jar (yet again!). Thankfully, the sun shone brightly for us all day!

Have a wonderful half term break everyone! We are looking forward to seeing you again on the 7th June, where we will be learning all about Handa’s Surprise!