A very windy week!

We were lucky we didn’t blow away at the start of this week (we think it might have been the Big Bad Wolf, up to his old tricks again)! The children have loved playing outside with the windmills, pompoms and streamers and seeing how the wind moves them. We also ventured onto the field to feel the strength of the wind in the open air. We pretended to be the Little Pig’s brick house to try and stay standing strong even when the wind tried to blow us over!

This week also saw us welcome in the Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year! We learnt about the story behind the celebration and that this year it is the year of the Tiger. The children enjoyed making marks, inspired by Chinese symbols, creating feasts to share and enjoy, and also using the colour red as inspiration for making! The children particularly enjoyed practising using chopsticks.

Tales toolkit this week, found Princess Shelly (who loves jumping in muddy puddles), out on a boat trip, when all of a sudden a dragon appeared and tried to knock her into the sea! Luckily, a wizard realised what had happened and cast a magic spell causing the dragon to fly far, far away. Princess Shelly could climb back into the boat and dry herself off with a towel given to her by the wizard. The children absolutely love creating stories together, and they are really developing their listening skills too, showing interest in and building on their friends’ ideas.

We have also been exploring weight, helping Little Red Riding Hood to make sure her basket wasn’t too heavy, and we have continued to work hard in phonics. Ash class have revisited the sounds j, v, w and x and Saplings have been introduced to e, u, r and h.

I must say, I have been really impressed with the children’s use of their new speaking frames this week! To help us articulate our opinions, we have been using the sentence stems “I agree… because…” and “I disagree… because…”. The children’s explanations as to why certain activities were safe or unsafe were amazing!

“I think crossing the road is safe” – Ellie

I agree with Ellie because your mummy can help you cross the road, so it’s safe if you hold your mummy’s hand” – Eva

I disagree because cars can go really fast and you might not see them” – Charlie

“I think it’s safe sometimes but not if something isn’t safe. So you need to check it’s safe first” – Francis

What super sentences (and brilliant advice too)!!