A visit from Jack Frost!

We have definitely felt the presence of a certain Jack Frost this week! The children enjoyed exploring the outside area, feeling the frosted grass with their fingertips and listening to the crunch underfoot. We noticed that the forest didn’t have as much frost as our garden and thought that the trees might have protected it from the cold weather… all the more reason to decorate with sparkles of our own, we thought! We were challenged to use positional language as we got to work putting up our decorations, placing them next to and in between trees, over branches and on stumps. The children also continued decorating inside the classroom too and some even made their own Stickman, inspired by our Jewel Jar treat of watching Stickman!

The children have also enjoyed having ‘bubble monster’ competitions this week when washing their hands! We thought about the importance of lathering up our soap to make our hands nice and clean. Mrs Lawrence showed us (using a very glittery sneeze) how not washing our hands can spread germs very easily.

We have also been continuing our work on co-operation! This week, the children worked together to make Rudolph decorations for our classroom window – have you spotted them? The children drew around each other’s hands to make the antlers, and decided how best to draw his features. One partnership worked together to draw a spotty Rudolph, whilst another made sure that he had a very large red nose!

Tales Toolkit this week found a fairy called Sparkles in a bit of trouble in the North Pole! Unfortunately, a cheeky robin had flown down to peck her magic away! Luckily, a magic wand (which had been frozen in the ice) transferred its magic to Sparkles as she walked home and stepped on it. Phew! Using the Tales Toolkit format for story telling has really supported the children in their imaginative play, and we are also seeing more problem solving within games.

Speaking of problem solving… the children have been loving the Numicon Christmas tree challenge! The first challenge was to cover the tree with any Numicon pieces they wanted, making sure that there were no gaps. After this, the children were challenged to complete the tree using any pieces apart from ones / twos, etc. This involved a lot of concentration, and before long, the children were coming up with their own challenges to further grow their brains!


In phonics, the children in Ash class are consolidating their knowledge of the recently taught digraphs: qu sh th ch ng and nk. It will be very beneficial for the children to continue reading at home to practice reading these ‘special friend’ sounds within words. In Saplings, the children have been doing wonderfully with their early sound work and are ready to begin learning some letter sounds within play after Christmas!