A visit from the police!

We have been thinking a lot about growing up this week. The children have loved looking at their baby photos and talking about how much they have changed since they were a baby; thank you for sending the photographs in! It was a joy to see the children sharing them with their friends, and guessing who they were. One particular achievement that the children brought to  mind, was how they are now able to be more independent with their gross-motor skills. This is something that they were able to  demonstrate on the trim trail this week!

The children have also really enjoyed interacting with police officer role play during their choosing time, thanks to a visit from PC Jack and PC Leon. The children learnt about how the police do much more that ‘stop the baddies’, and that their main job is to keep everyone safe! The children were set the task to try and remember their house number and the road on which they live, as this is a very important piece of information to remember. During play, the children used their notepads and walkie-talkies (just like Jack and Leon) to record crimes and to help people. They also made sure that they built a police station where they could “have a rest and eat lunch” too!

The children have also been doing some really excellent work in maths this week, continuing their learning about odd and even numbers in Ash, and exploring the concept of ‘one more’ in Saplings. In phonics, Saplings have been blending simple words with Fred the frog and Ash have been working on their amazing sentence writing.