A warm welcome!

Though the weather was rather chilly this week, the welcome for Mrs Lawrence could not have been warmer!
The children in Ash and Saplings class have been showing me the ropes during the first two days of school this term. They have been teaching me some of their songs, and they have even learnt some new ones themselves (they especially seemed to like “Baa Baa Green Sheep”)! The children also enjoyed painting some new artwork for the blank classroom display.
During their choosing time, the children have been getting creative with their building, using the large blocks to create a car wash for their vehicles! They worked together to decide how their structure would take shape and played cooperatively with each other, sharing ideas and resources as they played. They even added a house number “so the extra washing delivery can be posted”!
The children also began to think about their New Year’s Wishes! We thought about things we might want; the children were aiming high with their wishes of motorbikes and tractors! Later on however, the children began to think about their wishes more deeply, and began wishing for “happy feelings”, “big hugs” and “making friends”… wishes that perhaps we can all relate to!
I am really looking forward to the next week in school with the children, where we will be discovering why an enormous beanstalk has turned up in the classroom…