A wet and windy first week back

This week, the children in Early Years have been outside a lot, in spite of the weather! In the forest, we noticed that there were lots more sticks on the floor and concluded that the storms must have blown them from the trees. Some children decided to collect the sticks into piles or make music with them, whilst others just wanted to find a cosy den to hunker down in!

The children have been particularly excited to play in the new Construction Site in the outdoor area! We have been building caravans and houses, remembering to be safe on the building site and listen to one another’s ideas.

We have also started to notice signs of spring in our garden! The children were really motivated to water the emerging bulbs in the planters. We found crocuses and daffodils and are looking forward to finding out what the other bulbs are as soon as they begin to flower.

The children have also been working hard inside too! In phonics Ash class revisited sh, th, ng and nk, and Saplings were introduced to j, v and w. We have been exploring the different ways of making 6, 7 and 8 in maths, and the children have been really focused on their busy fingers activities to develop their fine motor skills.

As a gentle reminder, please do remember to write when you have read with your child at home. This way, we can be certain that the book has been read at home and we can give them a new book to read! It is also really useful for us to know how they are getting on with their reading at home. Thank you for your ongoing support with this!