All heart!

In Science this week, we explored the heart in more detail. We learnt that there are four chambers in the heart and that there are valves to stop the blood flowing the wrong way. At the start of the lesson, the retrieval of our previous learning about the circulatory system was strong and we used scientific vocabulary with confidence including words such as ‘oxygenated’, ‘deoxygenated’, ‘arteries’ and ‘capillaries’. We had lots of fun making models of the heart using plasticine. We then labelled our 3D models. They were very accurate – perhaps we have some budding heart surgeons in Year 6!

In Maths, we have been using bar models to represent algebraic equations. We learnt about the difference between an expression (e.g. a + 3 ) and an equation (e.g. a + 3 = 17) and we then learnt how to find unknown values. Our use of bar models was particularly impressive.

41°N, 49°W…Here lies the wreck of Titanic. In Geography, we learnt about latitude and longitude and how to use this to plot coordinates on a map. We learnt that each degree north or south of the equator is approximately 69 miles. We practised using latitude and longitude to find the exact location where Titanic sank. We also plotted the position of the icebergs in the vicinity and the ships nearby when Titanic hit an iceberg. Once we had plotted this information on a map, much discussion ensued as to why it was the Carpathia ship which went to help Titanic rather than SS Californian despite SS Californian being the nearest ship at the time.


In our Whole Class Reading lessons this week, we have been examining character traits. We looked at how R.J. Palacio uses the technique of ‘show, don’t tell’ when three new characters (Julian, Charlotte and Jack Will) are introduced. We used the text to support our views of these characters.

In French, we have been learning the verb  avoir – ‘to have’. We used the verb to say what animals and plants need in order to survive:  “Les plantes et les animaux ont besoin de… ” We are becoming more confident with our French speaking and we completed several listening exercises to check our understanding.

In English, we completed our diary entries for Captain Lawrence (‘Titus’) Oates. We look forward to displaying these in our classroom.

If you go down to the woods today…In our Forest session, we took a trip to the zoo! We were tasked with creating animals and enclosures using only materials found in the forest. Can you spot a polar bear? Perhaps you can spot a Komodo dragon, or a hedgehog with super prickly spikes, or even a panda with a bamboo cage! Fun was had by all!

Enjoy your weekend!