An eventful week in EYFS!

When the school guinea pigs, Snowy and Cookie, heard that they were coming to visit the Early Years children for the week, we don’t think they quite realised how much adventure was going to take place! The children have absolutely loved having our furry friends to stay this week and even helped out with cleaning their cage and feeding them.

On Tuesday morning, the classroom was bustling with the excitement of having our grown ups in to join us and Mr Edwards with an early morning boxercise class! The children absolutely loved having their grown ups in last time and were thrilled to have a chance to practise their skills once more. Thank you so much to all those who came, on both occasions!

After this, the children carried on with what we thought would be a ‘normal’ day in Early Years (if there is such a thing!), but we couldn’t have been more wrong! We discovered a tractor that had fallen into a ditch just outside of our garden. Mrs Lammin (or, Super Mrs Lammin, as we think she should be called), went to check if everything was ok and the farmer was safe. Luckily, the farmer was ok, but he was left with quite a big problem: how to rescue his tractor! The children came up with lots of different solutions during our Tales Toolkit lesson, that we had adapted especially for the problem at hand. Suggestions included getting a helicopter or tow truck to pull it out, or break it up into bits so it wasn’t too heavy to pick up. The children also made posters to alert people about what had happened. Luckily, the next day, we saw the farmer ploughing his field again in his tractor! We also found a mysterious note thanking us for all of our ideas!

In maths this week, Cheeky Monkey has been up to his old tricks, trying to catch us out with our counting stick! We have also started to work with teen numbers and have been building these with counters, cubes and numicon.

Literacy has been a lot of fun this week as the children have been really enjoying our work with rhymes using the text Oi Frog! Saplings played a guessing game where they had to spot the missing item based on which rhyming object was missing its pair. They got so good at this that they even tried to catch out Mrs Lammin! Ash class were set the task of deciding which object the guinea pigs needed to sit on. They decided that twigs would be a good thing to sit on because “wigs might be too tickly” and “figs would be squishy!”. In phonics, Saplings have been revisiting j, v, y, x and Ash class have been introduced to or, ow, oi, ear.