Angles, Anglo Saxons and monsters!

As usual, Lime Class have been super busy this week.  Maths has been all about shapes and angles and we have learnt to describe 2D shapes and their properties using accurate mathematical language such as parallel, acute, obtuse, vertex, equal.  We have also been classifying triangles – go on, test us!

In English we have been using the most amazing ambitious language to create character profiles for our very own Saxon monsters. Spine chilling, soul consuming creatures were summoned, with piercing red eyes, fur like midnight and razor sharp claws.

After all that scary stuff we had to get back to some light hearted comic strip art in our DT – we are working hard to try to finish our comic strips so that we can share them with you all.

In science we learnt about how magnets are used in everyday life and were surprised to discover just how common they are.  Our History addressed the shift in religious beliefs during the Anglo-Saxon period in Britain.  We asked the question ‘how did the coming of Christianity affect the lives of ordinary people?’ this is such a far reaching question that we will need to continue looking at historical evidence next week to draw our conclusions.

Lime Class are super excited about their upcoming trip to a reconstructed Anglo Saxon village – this will really bring the topic to life for them.

Apologies but due to technical issues the photos did not upload – I will try to add them ASAP.