It may have been the final week before the half term break, but Year 6 has not slowed down one bit! We began the week by learning how to spot fake news stories and also making pledges for keeping safe when online.

We’ve learnt about the features of explanation texts and had a go at writing our own.

In Science we looked at how fossils are formed and became palaeontologists, if only for a short time, matching up dinosaurs with their fossils. We learnt about the different kinds of camouflage and how animals use this as a way of surviving in their habitats. Can you spot our camouflaged butterflies?

We still found time to make the most of the snow –  snow angels, sliding and rolling and the odd snowball provided plenty of fun!

We know how important it is to take care of ourselves. We love our weekly Yoga poses and relaxation time as much as we enjoy an energetic cardio workout mixed in with a spot of ‘crab three corner football’. As well as keeping physically fit, we have enjoyed time in the forest and making time for the things that make us feel good. A spot of bird watching, baking, drawing, creating with Lego are just some of the ways we like to relax.

Have a well-deserved rest over the half term break, Year 6. Take care and stay safe.