Answers on a post-it please…

It is wonderful to see Little Hadham reawakening, even if it is under different circumstances. Our main focus for all of our pupils coming back is their wellbeing. Whether they are currently at home or will be back part time we will be working on how we can support this. It is key that the children feel safe and happy as it is only then that they will be able to flourish and learn. Therefore, for the days our children are in school, we have planned in extra outdoor sessions, sport and PSHE sessions!

I completely understand that some children and families are anxious about the return to school but let us assure you, we have done all we can to keep our community safe. If everyone adheres to the rules, our days will run smoothly and safely and will be very productive so please reassure your child. As we know, thankfully, children and young people seem to be the least affected by this illness but they have a responsibility to behave safely to keep others safe including our staff and their families.

Today, the children who are back in school were asked how they felt about coming back to school and what they would say to other children who were returning who may be anxious. They had lots of advice to offer, one said that he’d tell them that there will be someone at the gate to tell you where you need to go. Another said that you get to have your own tray and table- easily pleased these children, but lovely to hear their advice! One child is absolutely loving being back at school that she wants to wear her school clothes to bed so she can get here quicker in the morning- that made us all smile!

Just to let you know we are also putting plans in place to support children moving on to their new classes in September- yep it never stops here! Usually we would give all of the children some time in school with their new teacher but may not be possible. Instead we will be creating some content for our website so that children will be able to familiarise themselves with what their new teacher and class will be like. We will update you on this over the next couple of weeks when it is ready.

Also, as you may have heard on the news, there will now be Free School Meals supermarket E-vouchers issued to cover the summer holidays. We will keep all eligible families informed as and when we have more information regarding this.

As always please get in touch with school if you need to.

Sending best wishes to you all and hope you all have a pleasant sun-filled weekend and we look forward to seeing all the excited faces next week!

Sinead Connolly