Arrrgggh me hearties!

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you had a lovely spring break and are all feeling recharged.

This week we started our new topic, Pirates and Explorers. We started the week with a bit of a surprise in our cloakroom! The children found a message in a bottle upon arriving to school on Tuesday. The message took us on a scavenger hunt to find our class mascot, Buzzy Bee. Buzzy had got a little carried away with some pirate stories and decided to play a little trick on us!

Buzzy Bee’s favourite story was “Come Away From the Water, Shirley” by John Burningham and so we decided to use this as our book focus for the next few weeks. The children have only looked at the first few pages of the story so far as we have studied the characters in depth and made predictions as we unfold the different layers to the pictures and text. The children did a fantastic job of taking  on the role of a different character and freeze framing their movements.

After the exciting start to the week, we kept to our pirate theme by teaching the children what actual pirates are and how they historically lived. They learnt how to talk like a pirate and generated their own pirate names! We then had a look at pirate flags and used these to inspire our own flag creations. The children designed their flags first and then used a sharp pencil and polystyrene to create a block print for their flags.

They turned our brilliant and the children really enjoyed this process! Well done Beech Class, you have had a fantastic first week back.